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Today I entered a street photography competition on Urban Picnic Street Photography (UPSP) to be judged by Nick Turpin and David Solomons – so, no pressure there then! My UPSP profile is only a couple of weeks old and has nine images so far, only one upload per day is permitted. The way the site works is that any photograph you upload is moderated, and if judged good enough it then enters the ‘image pool’. Kudos comes along when an image is selected as a ‘featured photo’ and if you get chosen as a ‘featured photographer’ then you can shout “BOOM!” and have a small victory dance in the privacy of your own home. So far all of my nine images have made it into the ‘image pool’. Kudos and an excited “boom” are not yet mine. I don’t need an excuse to dance.

So, not only has it been challenging to select which images to upload to my profile in the first place, it has actually made me question some of the photographs I currently have in my portfolio. I will have to review them again. As you can imagine, then, selecting three images to enter into the competition drove me nuts. Are they my best street photography shots? I don’t know.

As Eric Kim teaches in one of his awesome Youtube videos – when editing photographs and choosing your ‘keepers’ you need to look for two things: FORM (framing, perspective etc) and CONTENT (it needs to evoke emotion, provoke thought). Essentially your image needs to tell a story and look good doing so!

Here are the three photos I have entered into the competition:

I chose this one because of the way the mannequin in the background is almost mirroring the girl. The irony being that that mannequin is more animated than she is. I wanted to cut the image in half with it being really busy with the reflections in the window and with little going on in the girl’s half.

I chose this one because of how the shadow separates this couple. I was deliberately looking for good shadows the day I took this and after finding this under a bridge I stood and waited for someone interesting to come into the shot. I only waited around 10 minutes before I saw this couple walking along and took the shot as the man came out into the sun, leaving his wife in the shadows. I was lucky that their stride is matched. The image is off balance almost, but somehow it gives them space to walk into, so I quite like that.

I chose this one because it made me smile that this photographer was engrossed with the preview screen on his camera while standing next to a sign about X-rated preview booths. I wondered what he had on his screen that had him so transfixed!

Wish me luck!

PS: Here’s Eric’s video:

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