Respect the Photography



Any Breaking Bad fan will happily spend several hours telling you how awesome this show was. They will probably call you ‘bitch’ at some point, tell you they love Jesse and admit to crying when Hank died… or maybe that’s just me?

But can we talk about how stunning the photography was in the series? From the beginning not only was I treated to a great story with beautifully drawn (and performed) characters, an almost perfect balance of humour, pathos and violence, but I found myself in photography heaven with the cinematography. Almost every shot seemed to be composed with eyes that knew a great photograph.

The man behind the eyes (for the vast majority of episodes) was the show’s Director of Photography – Michael Slovis. Here are a few of my favourite stills from the show. They could be photographs in their own right.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

Check out the reflection of Walt’s head with the bullet hole in the car. No need to say more than that.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

This looks to be using the rule of fifths (thirds are so last season!) and the colour of the dry grass matches the RV perfectly. The light is lovely and the low point of view combined with the distance of the subject makes me feel as though I’m spying on the meth lab.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

I love the low point of view here too, which makes Walt larger than life along with the ‘together but separate’ arrangement of Mr White, Jesse and Mike within the frame – which kind of sums up their relationship.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

Skyler and Walt became partners in crime as well as being husband and wife. Their rapport is obvious in the mirrored body language not to mention the colour tones they are wearing. I like that they are dead centre and the image is quite flat giving it a claustrophobic feel.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

I like how this captures Jesse in his natural environment on the streets and how he is walking into the frame with the colours of the graffiti matching his clothes. There is just enough light on him to make him stand out. Did I mention I love Jesse?!

© Breaking Bad / AMC

I just love how Hank’s shadow is larger than life in this shot. He was not a tall man but he was a big character and this image is not only a great photo it really does him justice. And justice should be done when it comes to Hank as that is what he stood for dammit… RIP Hank Schrader.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

The light in this shot and the moody sky really suits the scene. I love how the characters are positioned with Heisenberg and Gus Fring facing off while their guys are watching their backs. But the real subject for me is that vast dramatic landscape.

© Breaking Bad / AMC

Well, this just creates more questions than it gives answers which is what makes it a great shot and a great way to kick off possibly the best TV show ever.

Respect the photography bitches!

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