The 5 Day Black and White Photography Challenge


So I was nominated by a friend of mine on Facebook to take part in the 5 day black and white photography challenge. All I had to do was post one black and white photo per day and nominate another 5 photographers to do the same. The mission: to fill Facebook with (black and white) photography! So here are my chosen 5 shots… mainly street stuff but also one of my favourite landscape shots taken in Georgia.

Forty Winksweb

I was so lucky to catch these two strangers share the intimacy of sleep in a public place… both counting zeds on the same bench in Trafalgar Square…

To get this shot I had to stand around a meter behind this woman. She was busy watching a street performance and was oblivious to me, thank goodness! I like how gnarly her hands are against the black of her coat. Get this woman a manicure!

This was taken in Jordan – one of the friendliest countries in the world… I was there a couple of years ago and spotted these friendly locals on the public bus.

One of the  images I feature in my portfolio is this street shot of a couple in Brick Lane in London… I had wanted to see what I could get with shadows, and found this strong line under a railway bridge. I waited and was rewarded with this couple whose step is in sync yet one is in the light and the other in the dark… The interpretation is yours…

My preference is always to photograph the streets, whether it is street photography or architecture as is my Instagram preference, or life on the streets when travelling. Every now and again I manage a landscape shot that works. I was beside myself at how beautiful the snowy mountains were in Georgia earlier this year and am pleased at how this image turned out….

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