Into the former USSR

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Almost a year ago I went on a road trip into the former Soviet states of Armenia and Georgia and found myself travelling through a couple of fascinating destinations. Not only were there many opportunities for street photography, there were some truly stunning landscapes of the Caucasus mountains and plenty of culture, with churches seemingly built only in the most picturesque locations. I was a very happy girl.

While my portfolio reflects the streets more than any thing else, safe to say that these two countries surprised me no end. Some say Armenia and Georgia are in Central Asia, others say Europe. For me they were without doubt Eastern European. Having been part of the former USSR has certainly left a legacy.

People appear quite stern until you find yourself in their home and then they treat you like a member of their family. Food, wine and the local ‘cha-cha’ vodka are freely given with drinks accompanied by long heartfelt toasts that would better be described as speeches.

I would not hesitate to return and explore the region further, especially as the street life was so vivid, with so many characters and plenty to snap!

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