Pie ‘n’ Mash


This candid shot was sneakily taken in G. Kelly on the Roman Road in London’s east end. As usual I was shooting with a 50mm lens so there was no cheeky zooming going on here! After I had eaten some delicious pie and mash in the company of two east end gents who had joined me on the communal dining table, I spotted this couple. I assume they were married and had been for a while as their was no discomfort in their silence.

The shot was taken by positioning my camera on the table and pointing it at them and then when the moment arose I pressed the shutter. I have to confess that the original shot needed to be cropped and the angle adjusted – although some photographers might argue you don’t have to straighten up a candid street shot. I think this one works better straight. I like that they are opposite one another and doing opposite things but there is mirroring in the vinegar bottles, salt and pepper shakers and the cups of coffee…

There is always a sense of nervousness involved when snapping candid shots especially relatively close up. This couple were and remain oblivious and probably didn’t even hear the shutter! I still held my breathe all the way through… and I expect my cheeks may have ended up a bit rosy too!

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