The Streets of Amman


While Jordan exceeded all my expectations on all counts: Petra was way bigger and much more spectacular than anticipated; Wadi Rum well and truly blew my mind with its vast and epic desert landscapes; and the Dead Sea was utterly sublime and quite surreal, however it was the capital city of Amman that was the biggest surprise.

It has been a few years since being there and it was at a time before I had discovered my love of street photography. So as I work through my archives I have discovered the reason I actually enjoyed Amman so much was because I was photographing the streets! Which possibly would not have been so enjoyable had it not been for the incredibly friendly locals. I would happily return and revisit Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea and photograph the wonders of Jordan to my heart’s content!

I love the colourful tarpaulin covering this busy market.

The friendly butcher was more than happy to take a moment out of his day to pose for me.

The warmth of the Jordanians is one of the stand out memories.

I had to take a shot of this seller as his shirt was so banana-coloured.

I have entitled this one “chain smoker”…

This was such an awesome and entertaining way to drum up business!

This is Ahmad, he is a sculptor.

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