Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015


I have entered the Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015. I wanted to enter into the portfolio category, not because I thought I had a strong enough set of images to win, but because you get a free review if you enter it. So, I am looking forward to the feedback. I’m sure it will be useful and very valuable. After much agonising I decided to enter two sets of 5 images. Here they are:

Set 1: Entitled OPEN FOR BUSINESS (5 shots) – Georgia

Visiting Georgia was a real surprise for many reasons. Apart from the stunning mountains I most definitely had not expected, I was particularly intrigued by life on the streets and by the number of ways daily commerce took place. This short series is a sample of the various types of shops I came across that were open for business.

Set 2: QUIET SPACES IN PUBLIC PLACES (5 images) – London

Anyone who lives in or has visited London will understand that it is a busy city that is never still, yet within this maelstrom it is possible to find a quiet space, whether alone, with a loved one or simply find quiet in one’s mind. This short series is the start of a larger project to find and document quiet spaces in public places.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015

    1. Thanks again! And I am so pleased you like my work, Victor – it was a painful process selecting the images… Regarding the review I have found that you have to apply for it!! I could easily have missed that email from them or missed the deadline. I guess that’s how they make it manageable for themselves right! I’ll share the review on here once I receive it… I think though in the future I will only enter free competitions!

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