Image Choice isn’t Always Black & White


It truly is photography competition season! And, yes, I have entered another… I find that by entering a competition I force myself to look at my images with a different eye, as I must present my best shots, not just the shots I like best. And there is often quite a difference between the two! The process, for me, becomes quite painful in that I agonise over the standard of the photo I want to enter into the competition.

If it is a single image – the challenge is not only does it fit the brief? But is it really good enough? If it is a series of images then I really enter a world of pain! Do the images work as a series? Could each image stand alone? What order should they be presented in? Should I have shot them in black and white in the first place or is converting from colour OK? And then of course… are they really good enough? – compositionally, technically, emotionally… But this agony is a good thing as it makes me challenge myself and understand where I need to improve.

So, after much agonising (and once again I manage to get a competition entry in at the last minute – this one closes at 23:00 BST tonight!), I have entered the BPOTY 2015 Black & White Photographer of the Year with a single image in the landscape category (one of my snowscapes) and a series of three images from Papua New Guinea (originally shot in colour) – here they are… What do you think?

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