New Travel Tales from Myanmar


I visited Myanmar a couple of years ago and the first time I featured a portfolio of my shots I had a real mix of street style snaps along with temples and landscapes. In retrospect it didn’t work. Having now looked again my images I hope the portfolio works better now that I have streamlined it down.

Curating your own work really does have to be one of the hardest things in photography. And when featuring a travel destination the impulse is to represent all the main tourist spots. I tried to do this too, but now that I am a harsher and hopefully better critic of my own work, I have omitted shots I took in Bagan for example as they simply didn’t make the cut. I guess I have an excuse to go back…

Here are a sample of the portfolio. Click on any image to see the full set…

@ 2015 Polly Rusyn

@ 2015 Polly Rusyn

@ 2015 Polly Rusyn

2 thoughts on “New Travel Tales from Myanmar

    1. Thank you Anna, I am so happy you like them! My camera is a Canon 60D, so nothing very advanced. I believe photography is about how you make the picture rather than what you take it with… I am still learning every day and I love it!

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