Red, White and Blue in Black and White


The NFL came to Regent street last weekend and so I hosted another Meetup. I must admit I do enjoy them, even in the rain! They take a bit of prep, I have to plan what projects to set in the context of the location; I print out relevant images that I can use as teaching aids in terms of demonstrating the task ahead, talking about the composition and why the photo is a good one.

For this one the mini projects included: 1/ Crowds (looking for patterns and patterns being broken). 2/ Picking some one out of the crowd (getting into the thick of it and finding an interesting face in the crowd, waiting until they were framed amongst all the shoulders and backs of heads and then boom!). 3/ Points of view (shooting from below, or from above, or from the hip – just trying different viewpoints).

Here are my best shots from the day:

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