Photo Story: Backstage

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When I first saw the opportunity advertised to go backstage of a contemporary dance show on there were no spaces remaining, and I was gutted. After adding myself to the waiting list I gave up hope in the belief that anyone who already had a spot would not be willing to relinquish it. Why would you? It’s backstage access to a dance show with your camera! You would be nuts not to want to do this.

To my utter joy a spot came up so I grabbed it without hesitation and waited with excitement for the day to come. The howling wind and torrential rain that night was not going to stand in my way. Nothing was going to stand in my way!

The theatre, The New Diorama in London, was surprisingly tiny and so had a suitable tiny backstage area and a seriously messy green room! My initial disappointment that there was barely room for a bag of make-up in the dressing room soon disappeared completely.

The dancers, all of them young and very bendy (!) were most accommodating to thirteen or fourteen photographers snapping them everywhere including the tiny dressing room, the dark corridors and the green room. Essentially they pretty much ignored us altogether and got on with chatting and relaxing, getting ready, squeezing into impossible outfits made from tights of all things, doing their hair and make-up, helping each other out, warming up and practising.

It was an utter joy to take photos of all this preparation and activity. It was everything I hoped it would be and more! I so enjoyed creating a photo story rather than the single shots I tend to do for street photography. I enjoyed using a shallow depth of field, which I tend to avoid on the streets. All in all – I loved it. It was such an enjoyable evening and so photographically satisfying.

I have posted a selection of shots below, but Please take a look at the full portfolio.

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