Shoppers Shopping


One of the challenges I set on a recent Meetup outside Harrods in London was to capture close up details of wealth, inspired by a combination of the work of Dougie Wallace and his Harrodsburg project and the close-up street photography of Michael Ernest Sweet. In fact we even spotted Dougie at work, although we kept a low profile not wanting to disturb a man on the job!

Getting into the thick of a crowd with a camera to your face always takes a little courage to begin with, but once you are in, and the camera remains an extension to your nose it is remarkable how few people actually pay attention to your presence. I think the act of bringing a camera to your face and then looking at the preview screen is a sure fire way of being spotted. Somehow if the camera is already in position and stays there you have the benefit of a kind of cloak of invisibility.

Here are three of my best close-ups (not perfect, but then nothing ever is):