Featured in: SPi Contributor’s Gallery


I was excited to learn Street Photography International (SPi) – a new street photography collective made up of group of talented streettogs, were interested in featuring some of my street snaps in their contributor’s gallery. I had approached them asking if they would be happy to feature me as a contributor, so I’m pretty chuffed that they took a look at my work and said yes. The work of the collective members should be checked out for sure, as well as the work of their contributing photographers in the gallery.

You can also find them on twitter @StreetPhotoInt and on instagram @streetphotographyinternational.


7 thoughts on “Featured in: SPi Contributor’s Gallery

  1. I love this shot. I’ve just sat and looked at it for about five minutes and came up with different scenarios about what she is thinking. Well done on the feature :)

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    1. Oh thanks Stephen! She is SO composed isn’t she?! Almost serene. I like that the image elicits questions as to what she may be thinking… And thank you! Yes it’s cool being featured… I had to pick my strongest ten shots. Never easy choosing! :)

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