Wall Art


Whilst on a recce in and around Tate Modern for a Meetup, that I’m hosting at the start of March, I had a wander around the gallery, when I spotted this woman admiring this colourful work of art. When she moved to the left to read the information about the painting it looked as though she was looking at a blank wall as the information plaque is hidden from view. Needless to say this amused me! I also really like that the colours work really well together especially as her bag is the same colour as the blue in the painting.

I believe colour street photography is much more challenging than black and white, as you really need to be aware of all of the colours in the frame, while in monochrome you can lose a garish distraction amongst the tones. This example was a relatively easy shot to take, as the elements are minimal, however a more detailed street scene needs to be shot with care if using colour. The colours need to work together, not fight against one another. I think I perhaps should do more colour work as I have been living in a monochrome world of late…


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