Brighton Beachography


Yesterday I ran my first ‘DAY OUT’ Meetup with the group I host, London Street Photography, and it was epic! After being pooped on by a seagull at the start of the day I knew it was going to be a good one (supposed to be good luck right!). Not only was the weather perfect, but the group was awesome, made up of a banter-ready band of photographers. We hit the streets and seafront of Brighton doing our best to not get carried away with the Pride parade that was taking place at the same time. Although at one point we did get caught in the crowds for a moment and the only way through was to shimmy!

The photography projects I set for the day were mainly centred around seeking out quirky characters and looking for images that gave a sense of the British seaside. Obvious inspiration had to come from the great Martin Parr (to whom I give a big fat nod with the close-up of the sleeping sun-bather!). Colour was order of the day and I wanted to go bold, choosing a palette of blue and white (can’t get more ‘seaside’ than that), with flashes of pink and red.

And while seagulls definitely have it in for me (one landed on my shoulder and stole a piece of fish out of my hand on a previous visit to Brighton), I decided to honour one of them as ‘art’, even though I’m fairly sure he was waiting for me to take my eye off my burger…

Here are a few snaps from the day…

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