Neon Heaven


Who would have thought that Walthamstow in north London, right at the very end of the Victoria Line, would be home to its own mini-Vegas, seedy Soho, Blade Runner set, Hong Kong back street… You can let your imagination run away with you as soon as you set foot in God’s Own Junkyard. Settle in while your eyes adjust, your brain begs for forgiveness and your hand reaches for your camera…

I took my workshop group to shoot for an imaginary magazine in this magical place where neon dreams DO come true! The 37 year old collection is curated by Chris Bracey, maker, collector and installer of all things neon – including pieces that have featured in major films with big stars.

A visit to God’s Own Junkyard where “neon never dies” will leave your head fried, yet begging for more. Here are a few of my shots trying to make order out of neon (and argon) chaos. I’ll be back… And watch this space for the group’s neon picture story (imaginary) magazine spread!

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