On the Road with Sri Lanka Tourism


Having shot an event recently for the Pacific Asia Tourism Association, I was commisioned to shoot the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau’s UK Roadshow, taking in Manchester (where I did my degree), Birmingham (where I used to hang out growing up as I lived in Wolverhampton) and in London (my current stomping ground). So it was a Polly’s Memory Lane Roadshow too!

The week was pretty full on but also a lot of fun given the freedom to shoot whatever and whoever I wanted, a little different to street photography where I have to be more ‘cloak and dagger’ getting my shots! The main challenge was the low light conditions as I am a natural (or available) light photographer and don’t use flash. So a steady hand, a wide open aperture and a high ISO were necessary.

Each evening saw the same format: welcome drinks, an introduction by the city’s Sri Lanka Commissioner, a country presentation to delegates (travel industry professionals), a networking session with Sri Lankan suppliers and a dinner and socialising session.

Here are a few of my favourite shots and the more can be seen here in the portfolio.