For the Love of Neon


A second visit to God’s Own Junkyard and a second chance to challenge my Meetup group with the task of shooting for an imaginary magazine dedicated to Neon, with Issue 2 no less!!! See my own pictures here in a previous blog post and see Issue 1 here. So without further ado I would like to present the 3 double page spread dedicated to my group’s work! They do make me proud. With a brief that includes the search for negative space and for isolating objects as subjects in such a visually chaotic environment is a tough call but they went and did it!

They guys who made the cut should be super proud. And while there were other great shots, I (as chief picture editor for my imaginary magazine – I have given myself a promotion since the last issue -) had to choose the best images that worked together on a page and together created a narrative… Well done to Kasia Mijakowska, Stephen D’Agostino, Simon Smith, Geri Edwards, Bettina Brunswig, Kat Saradinova and Josef Mills. Great job guys!!! And a couple of the photographers got two pictures into the magazine!

The PDF is here: neon-monthly-issue-2

And here are the spreads (photo credits on 2nd spread):




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