Comedy Film Festival Shoot


The London – Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival took place in Hackney Attic on Sunday 5th and Sunday 12th of February. After being approached by the organiser of the film festival via my Meetup group – London Street Photography, I organised three photographers to cover each of the two nights of the festival (including myself!). Half of the profits went to charity so I was more than happy to offer my services pro-bono.

The venue was super small (Hackney Attic at Hackney Picture House)and light conditions were super low! Eek! A challenge for any photographer who does not use a flash. So here is how I went about shooting in very low light without a flash:

1/ I was mindful where there were sources of light, for example near the bar in the case of this venue, when a mobile phone is lit up a face and also where overhead spots were shining on the audience (prior to the start of the films), and that very much impacted who in the audience I chose to ask for portraits.

2/ I chose to shoot in shutter priority at 1/60 (knowing my camera would max out my aperture), along with an auto ISO with a limit of 3200 before the films started and in the intermission and a limit of 6400 when the films were screening, when it was super dark. Yes I got some grainy shots, but in black and white they looked cool!

3/ I made sure that I breathed out and held it just before pressing the shutter. Doing that makes me as steady as possible. Nearest thing to a human tripod!!!

Anyway, here are the results:

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